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Drowning Is An Epidemic.
We Have the Cure.

Baby Otter Swim School is saving lives with the world’s fastest learn-to-swim program, “Turn, Kick, Reach,” for kids as young as nine months

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that ten people die every day due to unintentional drowning. Drowning is the second-leading cause of death for children ages one to 14. In Arizona, California, and Florida, drowning is the number one cause of death in children under five.

If your child fell into the water, would he or she know what to do? Would you? Before anyone learns to swim, they must learn water survival skills.

The mission of Baby Otter Swim School is to dramatically change the drowning statistics in the United States and the rest of the world using their proprietary FIVE day Turn, Kick, Reach® Water Survival program and educational/safety products. The school's goals are simple and revolve around preventing drowning accidents:

1. Train every child and adult in the specialized water survival program of “Turn, Kick, Reach.”

2. Educate the public on the importance of drowning prevention and the steps that can prevent such tragedies. This is accomplished through seminars, training materials, educational DVDs, and CPR classes.

3. Provide extensive training to others via the school's master trainers. Baby Otter Swim School travels the country to expand its “Turn, Kick, Reach” program by training instructors on how to teach this survival skill.

4. Provide access to water survival and swimming lessons to people with special needs. This enables these children to be capable of saving themselves if they fall into water and also provides empowering socialization skills.

5. Offer continuing education for all of its instructors throughout the country on new techniques in drowning prevention, in addition to continual water training.

6. Develop educational and safety products, such as informative DVDs, books, and toys.

Baby Otter Swim School, Inc. was founded by Marlene Bloom and Mindy York — two mothers who experienced the extreme dangers water poses to young children firsthand.
Now, they work to make sure no parent has to experience the same.

Baseball great Andre Dawson (“The Hawk”) suffered a near-drowning experience as a child when he was pushed into water and did not know how to swim. He avoided the water for almost 40 years before enrolling in the Baby Otter swim program as an adult. Following his successful experience learning water safety, he became the national spokesperson for both Baby Otter Swim School and the Baby Otter Scholarship and Education Fund — a non-profit organization that brings the life-saving benefits of the internationally acclaimed Baby Otter swim program to those children throughout the U.S. and the world who need them most.

“Throughout my career, I have tried to use my position to help as many people as possible. The Baby Otter Scholarship and Education Fund has given me a greater opportunity to help people — children in particular — more than any other charitable effort with which I have been involved.” ~ Andre Dawson

Baby Otter Swim School also trained all of former Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton’s grandchildren in the “Turn, Kick, Reach” approach. Now, Walter’s wife Connie Payton is also a Baby Otter Swim School ambassador.

Turn, Kick, Reach

The world’s fastest learn-to-swim program, “Turn, Kick, Reach” is a method of water survival developed by Marlene Bloom more than 40 years ago. The program lasts five consecutive days and teaches children what they need to know to save themselves if they happen to fall into water. It also teaches parents the proper way to practice with their child so the child will feel comfortable in the water with them.

Celebrity mom Gwyneth Paltrow understands the importance of drowning prevention. Her daughter is a graduate of the one-of-a-kind water survival instruction program, “Turn, Kick, Reach,” which teaches children what to do if they fall into the water.

"Our friends and family watch flabbergasted as they see this little two-year-old swimming like a little fish. The best part is I know that if she ever fell into a pool, she would know exactly how to save her life. How can you ever thank someone for teaching your child that skill? It is impossible." ~ Gwyneth Paltrow

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PRESS RELEASE 7/6/18 "Drowning is an Epidemic. We have the Cure."

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