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Year-Round Water Safety: The Pool, the Tub, and Beyond

Losing a child to drowning is a parent's worst nightmare. Water, pool, and home safety are always important issues, though they seem to fall off the radar here in the United States at summer's end.

10 Minutes, 10 Life-Saving Water Safety Tips

Every parent knows there are instinctive aspects to pool safety, but there are some hidden dangers that can mean life or death. In ten minutes, Marlene and Mindy can teach you how to save your child's life.

If They Can Crawl, They Can Swim

Contrary to popular belief, parents can achieve peace of mind around water. Baby Otter Swim School teaches tykes to take off in the water as early as 10 months of age.

Number One Cause of Death In the Sunbelt for Kids Under Five

Drowning is the number one cause of death for children under five in California, Florida, and Arizona. Pools remain open the majority of the year in most southern states, and swimming continues in lakes and beaches as well.

Pools Are Not the Only Danger

Many people do not close their pools in the fall or winter. Falling through thin ice on ponds and lakes poses a drowning danger. Even bathing a toddler in an adult bathtub puts a child at risk.

Drowning: Not an American Phenomenon

Children are lost to drowning all over the world. Though swimming pools may not be seasonal in November in the U.S., Australia is in the height of its swimming season. Parents around the world need to be aware of the risks and know what to do should their child fall into the water.

Swimming: It’s Never too Late to Learn

Water survival skills are essential, no matter how old one is. Baby Otter Swim School national spokesperson, Major League Baseball star, former National League MVP, and Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Andre Dawson approached Mindy and Marlene to learn to swim in his 50s. Having suffered a near-drowning experience at 14, Dawson never learned to swim as an adult. Now he helps spread the word about the program and its importance to children and adults.

They Said She’d Never Swim

Baby Otter Swim School has had wonderful success teaching water survival skills to children with autism. Layla Crehan’s mother was told she would never swim before she came to the school. Eight years later, she is now a gold and silver medalist in the Florida Special Olympics. Layla is Baby Otter Swim School's new ambassador to help bring awareness that any autistic child can do anything they put their mind to. She now assists instructors teaching children what she was taught. She’s a rock star.
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